Work with the man who helped devlop Mike Piazza,
Eric Karros and Raul Mondesi.

For serious high school and college players

If you’re a gifted high school or college player who needs that extra leg up
to take your game to the next level, you may be a candidate for the most
revolutionary player development program outside of a major league baseball

Reggie Smith’s Academy Program is an intensive, multi-week curriculum that
utilizes a systematic approach to training. Program sessions are conducted
throughout the year and are limited to a minimal number of participants, who
work directly with Reggie Smith and his hand-picked coaching staff. This
innovative system, developed over several years, is unavailable anywhere
else regardless of cost.

What Academy graduates have to say about the program...

“The Academy Program is the best training available anywhere. It had the
biggest impact of anything on my game and helped me get to the next level. I
enjoyed the experience and I highly recommend it to anyone.”
~ Stephen Yoo
    Infielder, TCU

“I entered the Academy Program not really knowing what to expect. What I got
was the chance to work with players who share my desire. I improved my
skills in all areas. The best part was the chance to pick the brain of
[Reggie Smith] one of the best major league baseball players ever. After
graduating, I was offered a professional contract. And having the chance to
play in the Golden League has rejuvenated my career. I can’t wait to see how
far I’ll go.”
~ Ian Laws
    Outfielder, Golden League

“Reggie teaches more than baseball fundamentals. I’ve worked with Reggie
from little league to college baseball and he has helped me succeed at every
~ Jason Glushon
    Pitcher, Emory University
    All-State, All-CIF Southern California

What you’ll do in a typical week...

Day 1 – Mechanics
Day 2 – PFPs: Pitcher’s Fielding Practice (with infielders)
Day 3 – Bunt Defense (with infielders and catchers)
Day 4 – Covering empty bases, pick-off plays and back-ups
Day 5 – Review

Day 1 – Mechanics
Day 2 – Skill Work
Day 3 – Bunt Defense (with pitchers and infielders)
Day 4 – Throws to all bases and pick-offs (with entire infield)
Day 5 – Review

Day 1 – Mechanics of fielding ground balls
Day 2 – Ground balls (with pitchers)
Day 3 – Bunt Defense (with pitchers and catchers)
Day 4 – Pick-offs and covering bases
Day 5 – Review

Day 1 – Mechanics of Fielding
Day 2 – Fielding
Day 3 – Throws after fielding
Day 4 – Throws to bases (with infielders)
Day 5 – Review

Are you ready to take the next step in your baseball career?

The most crucial step you can take in your development is the one that will
give you an advantage over the athletes you’ll be competing with and
against. This may well be the most important decision you’ll make in your
career. If you’re an elite athlete and want to play pro ball, the Academy
Program will give you that advantage. When you apply for the program you’ll go through an intensive interview and evaluation process conducted by Reggie. If you are accepted into the program, you’ll benefit from a personally-tailored plan for your optimal physical and mental development. Upon graduation you’ll possess knowledge and abilities available to a precious few. How good a player can you become? There’s only one proven way to find out. Take that important first step today.

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Reggie Smith Baseball Centers reserves the sole right to determine the
applicant’s acceptability to participate in the Academy Program


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