Reggie Smith Baseball Centers offer private, small group, team instruction and coach’s certification. Reggie and his staff of hand-picked instructors work with players of all ages and skill levels, covering every aspect of baseball development – from hitting, throwing, pitching, position play, and baserunning, to conditioning and training. For an intensive program of pitching-specific training, Brad Lesley, former major league pitcher (Cincinnati Reds and Milwaukee Brewers) offers private instruction in conjunction with the Centers.

The Academy Program
Developed to fill the need for personalized training for high school and college level players, the Reggie Smith Baseball Centers Academy Program is a custom-tailored curriculum designed to meet the individual needs of the student athlete. Players applying for the Academy Program go through an intensive interview and evaluation process conducted by Reggie. Athletes that pass this rigorous evaluation and are accepted into the Academy Program, benefit from a personally-tailored plan for their optimal physical and mental development. Click here for more info about the Academy Program.

Professional Player Assessment & Development Program

Having been a successful player and coach, Reggie Smith is highly regarded in the professional baseball community. Reggie frequently consults with major league organizations regarding the assessment and development of players on both the major league and minor league levels.

During his time with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Reggie was instrumental in developing such major league talent as Mike Piazza, Eric Karros, Raul Mondesi, Todd Hollandsworth, Adrian Beltre and Eric Young. Reggie learned to quickly assess potential and employed techniques to spark the development of a player’s inherent talent. Instructional league and winter baseball opportunities are at a premium and can cost thousands of dollars per player. The alternative that Reggie Smith offers is his Player Assessment & Development Program – an intensive, one-on-one evaluation and development system at a fraction of the cost of traditional instructional leagues.

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